SB 189

Governor Kemp signed SB 189. Among other provisions affecting the 2024 election, a party may qualify a candidate for the ballot who has obtained ballot access in 20 other states, in addition to ways previously permitted. The bill details procedures to challenge ballots on the basis of an elector’s residence, among other grounds. County election officials may now begin counting absentee ballots on election day after 7 a.m. Summary.

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Georgia Senate Bill 189 changed Georgia election laws.

  1. Removes the Secretary of State from the State Election Board.

  2. Adds conflict of interest provisions prohibiting election officials from transacting business with voting equipment companies.

  3. Provides ballot access to political parties/bodies that have obtained ballot access in at least 20 states for presidential electors.

  4. Revises rules for determining residency for voter registration purposes.

  5. Provides that the text or marks on ballots produced by ballot marking devices shall be used for vote tabulation instead of QR codes. (Not for 2024 cycle)

  1. Authorizes the use of paper ballots in certain low-turnout elections.

  2. Provides procedures and timelines for the processing, scanning, and tabulation of absentee ballots.

  3. Requires reporting of advance voting results by 8pm on election day.

  4. Establishes a process for the public to request high-resolution scanned images of ballots.

  5. Creates a pilot program to audit paper ballots using optical character recognition technology.

  6. Restricts when special elections can be scheduled in conjunction with state-wide elections.

The various sections of the bill have different effective dates ranging from upon signing into law to January 1, 2025.

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